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Early Bird Rate with Senator Apartments

Question and Answer (FAQ)

Thank you for your interest in Senator Apartments. We welcome any questions regarding our rates, reservations or generally about Senator Apartments.

Question: What are your check-in and check-out times?
Answer: Check-in is at 14:00 and check-out is at 12:00. If we’re informed in advance, however, we can often modify these times.

Question: Do you offer flat rates or do you charge per person?
Answer: Flat rates based on double occupancy. We charge 50 euro for the extra bed (accommodation for children under 12 is free). Please note that we also restrict the numbers of people who can live in different apartments.

Question: Do all apartments have double beds?
Answer: No, some have single beds.

Question: How often are the flats cleaned?
Answer: The cleaning is carried out every day between 8:00 and 17:00. Cleaning includes everyday cleaning (washing of sanitary arrangements, making-up the bed and carrying the trash out) and the deep cleaning that is provided twice a week with bed-linens and towels changing. Additional cleaning services, bed-linens, or towels can be provided at an additional expense.

Question: Do you provide towels and soap?
Answer: Yes, and also toothpaste, toothbrushes, shaving accessories, and more.

Question: Do you serve breakfast?
Answer: Yes, but if you prefer to prepare it yourself, a fully-equipped kitchen is at your service. You can also use our grocery delivery service as well.

Question: How far from the city center are the apartments located?
Answer: Right in the center. Senator Apartments Center are located about a 10-minute walk closer to Kreschatyk, Kyiv’s lovely main boulevard, then Senator Apartments Executive Court are.

Question: Are the apartments safe?
Answer: Yes, and safety is one of our main priorities. We offer 24/7 security for our guests and their cars. The apartments contain safes in which you can store money and valuables. Also, Kyiv in general is a very safe city.

Question: Can you make phone calls from the apartments?
Answer: Yes, you can call both in Ukraine and abroad. Costs will be included in your bill.

Question: Do you accept pets?
Answer: For the convenience of the majority of our guests, we do not.

Question: How many people can live in one flat?
Answer: One-room apartments: 2 persons. Apartments with 1 bedroom: up to 4 persons. Apartments with 2 bedrooms: up to 6 persons.

Question: Do you meet guests at the airport?
Answer: Yes, and we deliver them directly to their apartments.

Question: Where to park a car?
Answer: At the parking lot near our complex.

Question: How is payment carried out?
Answer: Guests leave an advance payment and a deposit. If there was no damage to your apartments during your stay, we return your deposit when you check out.

Question: Do you accept credit cards?
Answer: Yes: Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.

Question: Is there an opportunity to make payments online and in euro?
Answer: Yes, it is possible to pay in such a way. A new payment system is implemented on our site and offer our guests a convenient payment way. We offer the reliable and secure payment mechanism that you can use with ease. We accept payment by credit card (Visa, Master Card) through the online payment service called eCommerce and there is no fee added to cover bank charges added on to your bill and the system allows to accept payments from debit and credit cards. More detailed info here .

Question: How is medical aid rendered, if necessary?
Answer: Turn to our administrator, who will call an ambulance or help find a proper medical institution for you.

Question: Do you provide luggage storage?
Answer: Yes. Enquire with the administrator.

Question: What business services do you offer?
Answer: Color and black-and-white copy machines, color and black-and-white document printing, fax machines, and equipment rental (computers, DVD players, audio systems).

Question : Is there Internet access in the flats?
Answer: Yes, every flat has wireless and cable Internet.

Question: What is the administrator’s work schedule?
Answer: From 8.00 till 21.00.

Question: Is there a gym?
Answer: No, but you can use a fitness center near our facilities, and we’ll also find you shaping and yoga classes. In addition, we’re glad to offer a wide choice of spa services right in your flat. Please consult the administrator.

Question: What about laundry services?
Answer: Flats are equipped with washing machines and ironing boards with irons. You can also pass along washing and ironing to our staff. Orders are carried out within 1-2 days.